Founded in 1960, ABDUL WAHEED GROUP is an importer , whole seller , distributor , supplier and retailer of Tyres , Tubes , Flaps , Rims , Alloy Rims , Auto Parts etc.
Being one of the older business group in Pakistan, AWG also details in Real Estate, Properties and other businesses.
Mainline of AWG is importing Tyres like high performance passenger car radial (PCR) tyres, light truck radial (LTR) tyres ,all-steel radial truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres and Agricultural tyres (Agri).
AWG International, one of the firms of AWG is a Pakistani leading tire importing enterprise , which has established not only the Dealership network around the country but also have its own Retail Outlets to get direct feedback from the customers and keeping it update about the new requirements of the esteemed customers and end users.
Abdul Waheed International has a strong dealership network and has dealership network in around 100+ cities having more than 200+ customers.

To be the market leader and one of the largest and fastest trading companies of the world especially in the field of tyres, tube and other auto related items, keeping in view the Islamic boundaries imposed by Almighty Allah, and the benefits of its employees and stakeholders.

Member of the following associations :
  1. Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  2. Pakistan Tire Importers and Dealer’s Association.
  3. Pakistan Tire Traders Foundation.
  4. Punjab Tire Traders Association.
  5. The Pakistan Automobile Spare parts Importers and Dealers Association (PASPIDA)

  • Importing from China.
  • Importing from Russia.
  • Importing from India.
  • Importing from Dubai.
  • Importing from Taiwan.
  • Importing from other parts of the world.
  • Exporting to Bangladesh.
  • Exporting to other parts of the world.

Company Background

For the last 40 years or so,one of the founder company “ABDUL WAHEED AND CO.” is in operation, paying government taxes direct and indirect and also playing a role in the country’s economy. Abdul Waheed and Co is run and governed by the group founder and chairman Mr.Abdul Waheed , and earlier it use to trade in Salt and Cement. Abdul Waheed and Co. was the dealer for the entire province of PUNJAB of PAKISTAN MINERALS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION for salt and minerals. For more than 27 years, “ABDUL WAHEED AND CO.” is into tyre trade, importing and dealing in tyres and tubes. Established it’s own retail and whole sale outlet in 13th February, 1985 at 196-197 Grain Market, Badami Bagh, Lahore. In the year 2000, company established it’s specialized import and export firm named as “ABDUL WAHEED INTERNATIONAL”. Ever since it is successfully importing tyres, tubes, flaps and Auto Parts from all over the world.


Local & Nation wide Dealers Network

There are numerous dealers in more than 125 cities like Lahore, shiekhupura, Jehlum, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Shahiwal, Karachi, Quetta, Multan and many other cities of the country.


Manufacturers & Exporters

Auto Parts, Auto Rubber Parts, Pistons, Electric Pumps, etc. The Group is engaged in Imports and Exports of many other miscellaneous items from different countries across the globe.


Tyres (Tires), Tubes, Flaps, Valves, Alloy wheels, Wheel related accessories, Auto Parts, Auto Accessories, Engine Parts, Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins etc.


Also deals in invest in Real Estate , Properties , Stock and other projects.

Message from the Chairman

  • From a self made alone start with the prayers of my Mother and with the blessings of my early departed Father, starting from a small shop to the International Imports and all the expansions made, only key to success is the honesty, self-reliance, self esteem and continuous endless struggle.

    The time is Money, so better to save it.

    Throughout this odyssey, the one never-wavering constant has been our focus on quality and client loyalty. Adhering steadfastly to this motto, we continue to grow and flourish, further strengthening our position as the premier Trading firm in the country.

    The Chairman
    Mian Abdul Waheed

Our Trusted Customers

Some of our trusted customers are given below: